UseR! 2019 Presentation

A talk about the vegawidget organization

Ian Lyttle true

It’s very exciting to be presenting at UseR! 2019 in Toulouse, France.

This presentation [] incorporates contributions from the entire vegawidget organization:

This post also serves as an announcement for the CRAN release of vegawidget 0.2.1, which incorporates Vega-Lite 3.3.0.

The vegawidget package plays a role within a larger process. Here’s how we see the end-to-end process of building and deploying a Vega-Lite chart using R:


Working backwards from the end-user, we see three steps: the Vega-Lite library itself displays a chart in a browser, rendered from a JSON specification, which is composed by an R programmer.

Going forward, we expect to focus more-and-more on the packages to compose specifications, while the vegawidget package renders in the “background”.

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